Alumni Spotlight

Billy Huyler - Red Oaks Alumnus

It was great to catch up with alum Billy Huyler during the pandemic in which he expressed his appreciation for his Red Oaks teachers -- particularly instilling independence and self-sufficiency. Certainly two traits that have continued to serve him well.

Alex Carpenter – Ice Queen

Ice hockey has always been a part of Alex Carpenter’s life – one might even say it is in her DNA, as her father, Bobby Carpenter, played in the NHL. But Alex has made her own name in the hockey world, as a member of the US Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Sam Bensley – Pursuing a Passion Project

For most adolescent boys, a game of soccer on the beach wouldn’t turn into a life-altering experience. For Red Oaks alumni Sam Bensley, however, pick up games with locals during a trip to Nicaragua in 2005 made a lasting impact, inspiring a mission that continues today.

Alumna Jordan Tolstoi

Practicing as a Physician Assistant in Oncology, Jordan Tolstoi deals with high emotions every day, providing a nurturing and reassuring presence. She learned the importance of that comforting environment at a young age, during her time at Red Oaks.