Alumni Spotlight

Billy Huyler - Red Oaks Alumnus

It was great to catch up with alum Billy Huyler during the pandemic in which he expressed his appreciation for his Red Oaks teachers -- particularly instilling independence and self-sufficiency. Certainly two traits that have continued to serve him well.

Alex Carpenter – Ice Queen

Ice hockey has always been a part of Alex Carpenter’s life – one might even say it is in her DNA, as her father, Bobby Carpenter, played in the NHL. But Alex has made her own name in the hockey world, as a member of the US Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Sam Bensley – Pursuing a Passion Project

For most adolescent boys, a game of soccer on the beach wouldn’t turn into a life-altering experience. For Red Oaks alumni Sam Bensley, however, pick up games with locals during a trip to Nicaragua in 2005 made a lasting impact, inspiring a mission that continues today.

Alumna Jordan Tolstoi

Practicing as a Physician Assistant in Oncology, Jordan Tolstoi deals with high emotions every day, providing a nurturing and reassuring presence. She learned the importance of that comforting environment at a young age, during her time at Red Oaks.

Troy Doherty

Troy Doherty has not followed the same educational path as most people. As an actor he spent most of his middle and high school years being tutored on sets and home schooled so he could pursue his career.