Sara Harari – Keeping It Clean


Ali Gogarty
Red Oaks Alumna Sara Harari
"Unlike my peers, I had a foundation that allowed me to feel comfortable charting my own path for my education."  –Sara Harari, Red Oaks Alumna

Many children are told that they can change the world, but not all of them go on to actually do it as effectively as Sara Harari. From an early age, Sara was passionate about clean energy and determined to contribute to the solutions that would help sustain the planet. Sara has been focused on this goal throughout her education: from the Global Warming Action Committee at Lexington High School in Massachusetts, to the Energy Conferences she organized while pursuing her B.S. in Civil Engineering at Tufts University, and finally to the energy clubs she participated in during her M.B.A. at the Yale School of Management and Masters of Environmental Management, Energy and the Environment at the Yale School of Forestry. Sara has worked on projects to improve energy efficiency and access around the world, designing energy efficient buildings and working with distribution utility regulators to help deliver higher quality, lower cost and cleaner energy. Sara now lives in Copenhagen, a city she fell in love with while studying abroad in college, where she plans to work on clean energy research. The Nordics are the perfect location for Sara to continue making an impact on clean energy efforts, as they are trailblazers in going green.

Sara makes a direct connection between this important work and her Red Oaks experience. “I got the motivation to have a positive impact on the world from my early education and it has truly played out,” she said. The early exposure to an environment that encouraged a love of learning and self-guided education informed the rest of her academic journey. “I chose a lot of independent studies in college and grad school that allowed me to focus on what really interested me,” Sara recalls. “Unlike my peers, I had a foundation that allowed me to feel comfortable charting my own path for my education.” That path has led to a fulfilling career for Sara and countless benefits for the planet and for communities across the globe.