Troy Doherty – Man of Many Talents


Troy Doherty – Man of Many Talents
Ali Gogarty
Troy Doherty
“I was young when I was at Red Oaks, but I remember the focus on teamwork and collaboration." -Troy Doherty, Red Oaks alumnus

Troy Doherty has not followed the same educational path as most people. As an actor he spent most of his middle and high school years being tutored on sets and home schooled so he could pursue his career. His primary experience in traditional school was at Red Oaks, which was fortunate, since he felt it prepared him for the path his life would take. “I was young when I was at Red Oaks, but I remember the focus on teamwork, collaboration and the feeling that the older students helped the younger ones learn – and in my experience those things have all been present and important in the real world, so for me it was a perfect foundation,” he said.

Troy has worked steadily as an actor since childhood, with recent appearances on NBC’s “This Is Us” and TNT’s “The Last Ship.” His current project, however, has been music. A multi-talented performer, Troy - who plays guitar, piano, and sings- has been dividing his time between Los Angeles and Nashville lately as he works with a producer on writing songs, both for himself and for other artists. With so many abilities, Troy can still appreciate one of his first teachers at Red Oaks, Mrs. Monahan, who he says embraced who he was, while also reigning him in and helping him direct his energy to where it needed to go. The lesson clearly took, as Troy has been able to channel his energy and talents into a successful and dynamic career.