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Board of Trustees


Tina Terraciano, President
Lynn Castrataro, Vice President
Janet Davis, Secretary
Richard Kasmin, Treasurer

Charmaine Agarwal
Vidya Ravishankar Agarwal
Christy Crickenberger
Fred Douglas
Steve Dreskin
Dan Elie
Jesper Goransson
Shai Kopeld
Tara Olivo Moore
Noor Shaikh
Christine St. Peter

Marilyn Stewart, Ex Officio


Executive Committee
The Executive Committee conducts a monthly conference call to plan the monthly Board meeting agendas. In an emergency, if the full Board cannot be assembled, the Executive Committee may meet. Rules for such circumstances are outlined in the by-laws. The Executive Committee acts as a sounding board for the Head of School and oversees his/her annual evaluation.

Finance Committee*
The Finance Committee meets every six weeks. Its functions include drafting the school budget for Board approval, updating the Board regarding the financial health of school, reviewing insurance plans, addressing financial infrastructure, and strategic planning for the school’s financial health.

Development Committee*
The Development Committee oversees the school’s Annual Fund, Major Gifts, and its two annual fundraising events. This committee works to build a culture of philanthropy and involvement within the school. It meets monthly, and more often during event planning.

Marketing Committee*
The Marketing Committee meets monthly to protect and expand the school’s brand. It determines the school’s key messages, marketing goals, and strategies. It oversees the school’s web presence and assists in the planning and design of multimedia marketing tools and advertising/marketing campaigns.

Committee on Trustees
The Committee on Trustees plans for trustee succession, including new trustee recruitment, cultivation, and orientation. Its role expands to include professional development for trustees on trusteeship and best practices, and trustee self-evaluation oversight.

Building Committee
The Building Committee oversees and liaises on matters of facility maintenance, strategic planning, improvements, and expansion. It works with the Finance Committee to manage capital expenditures and, in the case of capital campaigns, with the Development Committee.

*The Finance, Development, and Marketing Committees are open to members with expertise and experience in targeted areas. If you are interested in serving on a board committee, please contact Board President Tina Terraciano at

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