Sera Capriotti – Finding A Better Way


Ali Gogarty
Sera Capriotti teaching 4th grade students
There was a time, early in her career, where Sera Capriotti questioned her decision to become a teacher. Two years in a public school so focused on standardized test achievement and college admission had made for stressed out students and burnt out teachers. “I thought, this can’t be what teaching is,” Sera recalls. “There was no appreciation for the whole child. I thought there had to be a better way.” When, after sending her resume in response to a job posting, Sera visited Red Oaks for an interview, she knew she had been right and that she had found that better way. “I came in on the day of an art show and when I walked in it was just magical,” she says. “I was charmed not only by the students, but by how they were treated by the faculty and staff. It was apparent that the adults valued and respected the children as people.” Beyond the attention paid to the whole child, Sera appreciates that teachers at Red Oaks are allowed the autonomy to enrich the curriculum based on how the children are reacting to it. As a teacher who can go from art to math, this flexibility is key. “It really creates an authentic learning experience,” she explains. “We can take the curriculum and the students’ interests and tie them together - it creates a perfect environment for children to learn and grow.”
"Ms. Sera" joined The Red Oaks School in 2009 and is currently an Upper Elementary advisor and Math teacher. She earned her M.A. in Educational Leadership from Montclair State University, and a B.S. in Elementary Education and Psychology from The College of New Jersey.