Stacy Apostolico – Teaching the Right Way


Ali Gogarty
Stacy Apostolico assisting student with Math equation
During her career as an educator, math teacher Stacy Apostolico always knew there was a “right” way to teach, though there wasn’t always time to do it. When she came to Red Oaks, she knew she had found the school that would make it possible for her to fully commit to that style of teaching. From her first visit, when the students looked her in the eye, smiled and greeted her as she walked through the building, she knew she had found a special place. “We have this environment here where the vision is on the student as a well-rounded learner and person,” she said. “We are able to take deep dives into material to help students understand not just a concept, but how that concept relates to the rest of what they are learning and even to the rest of the world.” In the middle school, Stacy appreciates that the IB program allows students to also focus on big ideas, helping to develop not just their academic education but their social skills and executive function skills. She knows that what she’s doing is preparing them not just for high school and college, but for life. “In other schools there just isn’t time to teach this way,” Stacy explained. “It is a luxury both for the teachers and the students. I love the feeling that we are all working together to help our students get to the next level.”
"Ms. Stacy" joined The Red Oaks School in 2014 and is currently a Middle School advisor and Math teacher. She earned her B.A. in Mathematics Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.