Prepared for the Future. Prepared for Life.

(Academics from Pre-K to Grade 8)

The Red Oaks School in Morristown offers two internationally recognized educational programs. We begin in the early years with the insights and time-tested methods of Dr. Maria Montessori, visionary Italian scientist and physician. You see her influence in our multi-age classroom groupings, our individualized learning platform, and our focus on the whole child.

As your child advances to middle school, we implement the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, which combines academic rigor with an emphasis on students' personal development.

At every stage, we take full advantage of the latest evidence-based research in education, psychology, and child development to build programs that meet students where they are developmentally. Our unique, holistic approach seamlessly integrates hands-on, experiential learning with interdisciplinary studies. Students learn the value of working across domains as they focus on broad, unifying concepts.

This approach is reflected in the process of assessment at Red Oaks, which includes portfolios, oral presentations, collaborative projects, essays, and age-appropriate tests—all sensitive to the diversity of teaching methods employed throughout the school.

We don't just prepare students for their futures. We help them build lives.

  • As they master new subjects and acquire new skills, Red Oaks students discover what they are truly capable of achieving.
  • They develop character and self-confidence, learning to set and achieve ambitious goals.
  • Students learn to think for themselves and to form their own values, while respecting those of others.
  • Red Oaks students work with each other to master the challenges and recognize the rewards of teamwork, collaboration, and community.
  • Many people dream about the future. Others fear what it may bring. Not Red Oaks students. They're too busy building their own futures.