Freedom to Learn & Guidance to Thrive

Ages 3–6 (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

See. Hear. Taste. Smell. Touch.
Red Oaks School Montessori Math Student

Young children engage all their senses to learn. Montessori preschool materials are ingeniously designed to connect young minds to the tangible world. Through individual and group learning, students develop the ability to manipulate objects, communicate, socialize and thrive.

Students experience windows of opportunity to best absorb a particular skill or knowledge area. These “sensitive” times in a child’s development, as Dr. Montessori called them, are periods when children are most receptive to learning. Highly trained teachers at The Red Oaks School customize the learning environment. They match appropriate lessons and materials to the unique abilities, interests, and readiness of each and every student.

Our Early Childhood/Pre-K Students Focus On:

  • Developing skills for daily life
  • Acquiring early literacy and numeracy
  • Exploring intercultural understanding
  • Socializing within safe and respectful multi-age classrooms
  • Gaining independence, concentration, and essential motor skills
  • Engaging in Art and Music

Our Kindergarten Students Focus On:

In preparation for Elementary classrooms, Kindergarten students work in special instructional groups each afternoon to foster their academic skills and learn to set achievable goals.

  • Mastering progressive math, reading, and writing
  • Exploration of scientific inquiry
  • Gaining academic self-confidence
  • Taking leadership roles in the classroom
  • Developing age-appropriate social skills
  • Building appreciation for Art and Music
  • Improving language skills with an introduction to simple Spanish

We are opening windows for future academic growth.