The Arts

Art in all its forms is woven through the Red Oaks curriculum. From early childhood through eighth grade, students take inspiration from all areas of their studies and express themselves through performance in music, dance, and theater, and through a full range of visual arts—everything from drawing and painting to photography and sculpture.

Art Student Holding Painting

Visual Arts

The art program at Red Oaks offers students opportunities to explore a broad range of art making techniques while synthesizing craft and concept. Through the manipulation of materials, observation, and ongoing discussion, a foundation of conceptual and historical understanding of visual culture can be built. These explorations in self-reflection and communication provide tools with which students can see and respond to the world around them.

Through the fine arts program at Red Oaks, students participate in a rigorous study of the arts comprised of the following components:

  • Art production: Involves critical thinking and imaginative processes, and the expression of the heart, mind and hand. Students gain a sense of proficiency as they are introduced to a range of art processes. Each student is given the time and space to learn about tools and techniques as well as experiment and improvise.
  • The History of Art and Visual Culture: An integrated approach to the investigation of visual culture includes the history and contemporary application of art, design, and craft. Students develop an authentic kinship with masters of the past and present by relating their own creative process and explorations of concepts to the work of others.


Children learn sensitivity, appropriate emotional response, and non-verbal self expression, while developing their creativity and problem-solving skills. There are three principles that guide the music program at The Red Oaks School:

  • Children respond intuitively to rhythm and melody.
  • Musical sounds are created by musical actions upon an instrument.
  • Musical concepts are discussed only after they have been experienced.

The music curriculum at Red Oaks promotes self-confidence, critical thinking, and collaboration among peers. It is comprised of a sequential program of experiences in the understanding and appreciation of music. These encounters allow students to gain insight into themselves and the world around them by exploring music as an expression of the composer. Students develop skills and techniques that allow them to respond to their own environment by creating their own music.