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Learning should be fun. It's that simple.

When your child is instilled with a desire to learn – rather than being pressured to learn – the information he or she can acquire is truly endless. Which is why here at Red Oaks, our teachers makes the extra effort to create lessons that are engaging and applicable to the life of the student. And, whenever possible, uniquely memorable. Your child will be encouraged to delve deeper into topics that he or she finds exciting. Pursue creative thinking and expression. And develop an enthusiasm for learning that can unlock countless opportunities.

Early childhood student smiling

Early Childhood
(Pre-K & Kindergarten – ages 3 to 6)

These are the few years that can impact a lifetime. 90% of a child's brain develops in the first five years of life. Maximizing your child's learning potential during this time period is critical. As a preschooler at Red Oaks, he or she will acquire the skills necessary to enter Kindergarten confident, well-prepared and with a passion to learn. Once in Kindergarten, your child will be encouraged to pursue his or her curiosity and tackle new challenges, while developing a positive attitude toward school necessary to becoming a lifelong learner.
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Elementary students using microscopes

(Grades 1 to 4)

The academic world expands greatly for your child as he or she begins first grade here at Red Oaks. We'll introduce your child to the traditional academic subjects utilizing Montessori teaching methods. He or she will be introduced to other cultures from across the world, learning a second language in the process. Creativity is stressed through engagement with out multi-faceted arts program. And your child will discover the importance of "community citizenship," becoming actively involved in activities designed to benefit our neighbors and improve our community.
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Middle School students using Chromebooks

Middle School
(Grades 5 to 8)

Our Middle School curriculum distinguishes both us – and ultimately – our graduates. At Red Oaks, your middle-schooler will engage in an internationally acclaimed and challenging intellectual framework (The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP) in which he or she is taught to make connections between classroom studies and the real world.) The broad and balanced education your child receives during the Red Oaks middle-school years will prepare him or her for success in high school, college and in life.
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70% of our teachers possess advanced degrees

Our focus on developing students academically, socially and emotionally attracts a committed and talented faculty, with backgrounds as diverse as they are impressive.


of our faculty possesses Montessori or International Baccalaureate training.


student-teacher ratio promotes individualized attention.


of our faculty possesses Montessori or International Baccalaureate training.

Students raising their hands during class

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Student painting in art class

A focus on The Arts

Education in the arts is an integral part of our development as human beings. Exposure to creativity in many forms certainly stimulates freethinking, expression and problem-solving. But studies have also associated exposure to the arts with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability and verbal skills. The arts play a significant role in our daily learning environment here at Red Oaks where we use these outlets for creativity to promote self-esteem and improved emotional expression, as well as social connection and appreciation of diversity.
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Deepening our students' understanding of personal responsibility and social change.

Intolerance, discrimination and inequity have no place within the walls of Red Oaks. We take exceptional pride in providing our students and faculty an equitable and inclusive learning environment. The Red Oaks family is comprised of unique individuals of different backgrounds, identities, and beliefs – where all voices are equally valued and respected. Our anti-racism curriculum addresses and embraces this wonderful diversity, deepening every Red Oaks student's understanding of personal responsibility and social change.

Sara Harari, Red Oaks Alumna

Alumni Spotlight

Creative. Community-Minded. Intellectual. Red Oaks graduates continue to excel long after their days here.

Remote learning

As educators dedicated to our students' learning, we are continuously seeking new and inventive teaching advancements. Our investment in technology that allows for remote learning is an exciting opportunity to keep the dialogue between teacher and student ongoing when either or both cannot be present here at school.

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