Elementary Program

Montessori & New Worlds of Understanding

Grades 1 through 4
Reading and Writing Elementary Students

As our Elementary students begin serious study of traditional academic subjects, their worlds expand. Our integrated curriculum invites them to explore ideas across disciplines, to makes connections, and to think more broadly about the world and their place in it.

Language Arts

Students work on reading and writing every day—on their own, with a teacher, and with classmates. Thinking Maps help young writers to organize their thoughts, select pertinent facts from all the information they have collected, and effectively present what they want to say.


First grade students begin by thinking through ideas using the concrete Montessori materials. Progressing at their own pace, they begin to visualize and solve problems, following the scope and sequence of Singapore Math's "bar modeling" approach, and go on to master basic computational skills.


Hands-on learning is at the core of science instruction at The Red Oaks School. As students study the life, earth, and physical sciences, they learn to follow the standard scientific method: articulating the question; gathering information; making predictions; observing, recording, and analyzing the data; and finally drawing conclusions.

Cultural and Global Studies

The concept of "civic virtue" and stewardship of the planet is central to the Montessori philosophy and to the mission of The Red Oaks School. Each year, one country is chosen for a comprehensive, in-depth study by students at all grade levels.


During their four Elementary years, Red Oaks students write and speak conversational Spanish. The curriculum is communication-based with the goal of proficiency.