Elementary Program Ages 6 to 11 (Grade 1–Grade 4)

The elementary years are an exciting time for both parents and children! Children develop their unique skills and interests and start to become more independent. Schoolwork involves more challenging concepts, so it is just as important for your child to learn how to learn.

At Red Oaks, the elementary years are centered around fostering a child's independence, autonomy, and connection to others. Our Elementary program combines Montessori methods with the latest educational methods. We’ll encourage your child to explore ideas across disciplines and make thought-provoking connections. Our teachers will match appropriate lessons and materials to the unique abilities, interests and readiness of your child. They will work closely with your child to develop appropriate social skills and responsibilities within the community.

Elementary students reading together.

Modern Montessori Learning

A hybrid of traditional Montessori plus best practices in education based on the past 20 years of cognitive science
  • Language Arts curriculum that follows the framework of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project
  • Singapore Math, which teaches students mathematical concepts in a three-step learning process: concrete, pictorial, and abstract
  • Science/STEAM program with hands-on, inquiry-based lessons
  • A social studies curriculum that explores the concepts of identity, aesthetic expression, place and time, social organization and human interaction
  • Learning a second language: during their four elementary years, Red Oaks students learn to write and speak conversational Spanish

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Is Red Oaks the perfect choice for your family?

Taking a tour of our charming school and observing the learning as it takes place in our classrooms is the best way to decide. Schedule your personal tour today with Fran Sonneborn our Director of Admissions.


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Young student playing a violin.

Committed to the arts

During the elementary years, our approach to the arts gradually becomes more sophisticated. Art classes are held in our studio where students explore a broad range of art making techniques, while synthesizing craft and concept. Music studies are conducted in the music room as your child is introduced to music from a wide variety of sources in an effort to understand and foster respect for cultures extending far beyond their experiences.Learn more about this program.

"New parents are typically surprised by how advanced the lessons are for our elementary students"
–Irene Avlonitis, Lower Elementary Teacher

Elementary students using Chromebooks


While technology is intentionally absent from our Early Childhood Program, it is gradually introduced as an appropriate tool for learning to our 1st through 4th graders. Starting in 3rd grade, all students have access to Chromebooks in a one-to-one tech environment using the latest apps and devices. Students also create, collaborate, share, and deliver material via Google Drive as well as using traditional pens and pencils. Learn more about how technology is applied in the classroom.

Developing a strong social conscience within our students

Students at Red Oaks choose to participate and make a difference in their communities … and beyond. They are instilled with respect for themselves, their neighbors and where they live. And are taught the value of taking action on behalf of their community as conscientious and contributing members of society.
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Creating thoughtful global citizens

A world with well-informed, engaged citizens who are motivated to make a difference – that's the goal we strive for here at Red Oaks. We want every Red Oaks student to understand the importance of being globally aware. And acting in ways that will positively affect all of our futures. Learn more about this program.

Schedule a personal tour with our Head of Admission

Visit us during our school hours to truly experience our Elementary program. Fran Sonneborn, our Head of Admission, will give you a tour of the school and our classrooms, and will answer any questions you may have.