Tuition and Value

Invest Wisely

Providing your child with a private school education is an investment in his or her future. As with any investment, consider the returns. Red Oaks has a legacy of developing outstanding individuals. Brilliant, well-educated boys and girls. All empathetic, open-minded to diversity and appreciative of creativity and the arts. Each one a respectful — and respected— citizen committed to bettering their local communities and embracing the global one. For more than 50 years, families in the greater Morristown area have fondly looked back at their time at Red Oaks, confident in both their choice of education — and their child’s future.

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Early Childhood at The Red Oaks School

Early Childhood
(Pre-K & Kindergarten – ages 3 to 6)

(5 Half-days)*: $15,895 tuition + $655 materials fee
(5 Full-days): $23,120 tuition + $655 materials fee
*Only available for 3-year-olds.


Elementary students at recess.

(Grades 1 to 4 – ages 6 to 11)

$30,805 tuition + $685 materials fee


Middle School student smiling

Middle School
(Grades 5 to 8 – ages 11 to 14)

$35,915 tuition + $765 materials fee


Enrollment Fees

  • Application Fee: $75
  • One-Time New Family Fee: $350
  • Tuition Refund Insurance Plan: 3.2% of tuition/fees (optional)
  • Materials Fee (see rates above)
  • Annual $50 enrollment fee to Blackbaud Tuition Management.

Payment Plans

A non-refundable deposit of $1,750 is due at contract signing.

  • Single-payment Plan: Billed July 1
  • Three-payment Plan: Billed July 1, Sept. 1, Dec. 1
  • Six-payment Plan: Billed July 1, Aug. 1, Sept. 1, Oct. 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 1
A group of students Pre-k through grade 8

Red Oaks Offers Financial Aid

Our financial aid program benefits everyone in the school – enabling a wide socioeconomic range of families to attend Red Oaks and learn from each other's cultures, viewpoints and experiences. The process is simple and we're always here to help you with any questions that arise.


A Red Oaks education was an investment that served these students and their families well...

Alumni Troy Doherty

"I was young when I was at Red Oaks, but I remember the focus on teamwork and collaboration."
–Troy Doherty, Red Oaks Alumnus

Sara Harari, Red Oaks Alumna

"Unlike my peers, I had a foundation that allowed me to feel comfortable charting my own path for my education."
– Sara Harari, Red Oaks Alumna

Jordan Tolstoi, Red Oaks Alumna

"The relationships (I had) with my peers and my teachers, are lifelong ones. You never really leave the school. I could go there today and still see people I know and be welcomed with open arms."
– Jordan Tolstoi, Red Oaks Alumna

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