A South American Experience

Fran Sonneborn

Last week, everyone at Cutler Street enjoyed an immersive day of South American culture. Senora Martha created a classic Montessori learning experience with a presentation about the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. While Senora explained the various nuances of South American culture, students sampled many different fruits and traditional foods, including Mango, Papaya, Pitaya, Cucumber Melon, Arepas, Guava-filled Pastries, Corn Bread, Alfajores, Empanadas, and Plantain Chips. Scrumptious! Next, we all got to meet (and pet) two very special visitors who arrived in a mini-van – alpacas named Harry and Cioci – from Out of Sight Alpacas in Waretown. We learned many interesting facts about alpacas. The last part of our immersive day was a musical presentation by our Upper Elementary students performing “El Condor Pasa,” and everyone sang “Pacha Mama” (Mother Earth), both songs from Peru.
A special thank you to the Stummer family for donating the cheese empanadas and Parent Association volunteers Ilana Radcliffe, Meredyth Coleman, Ruth Waxman, and Daniela Tubito for helping organize and assemble each student’s food sampling plates and taking pictures with our friends Harry and Cioci.