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Fran Sonneborn


…with the sounds of music and the sights of a wonderful art show in our new middle school location!

It was a huge treat for everyone to see all of the artwork our students created throughout the school year in the dining hall of our new middle school location. Thank you to our very creative and artistic Art teachers, Emily Cannestro and Srujana Ambadipudi, for curating a visually stunning and interesting art installation. They have helped cultivate our students’ artistic visions and skills. Take a “virtual tour” of the art show above!
In addition to visual art, Red Oaks students have been busy making music throughout the school year! Students were able to once again learn and experience musical elements through singing, moving, and playing in our Early Childhood program. In our Elementary and Middle School grades, students continue developing more technical skills, while exploring the theory, history, and cultural context of musical works. Many thanks to our very talented and musical Music teachers, Tim Waters and Dave Rimelis. Check out the compilation of highlights from all music classes below!
"A Musical Journey Through the Grades"