Annual Fund Donor Thanks

Annual Fund Donor Thanks
Annual Fund Donor Thanks
Jenna Buesser

The Red Oaks School Annual Fund


Heartfelt thanks to our recent donors for their generous contributions to the Red Oaks 2017-2018 Annual Fund! Their donations will make a world of difference.


Fran Sonneborn
Tina Terraciano & Tom Weber
Kevin & Kara Bunting
Michael & Erminia Duffy
Avinash Kothavale & Meg Sosnow
Du & Noriko Vo
Amar & Eva Vaidya
Leanne Raymond
Marilyn Stewart
Gafar Lawal & Deborah Thomas-Lawal
Jeff & Saloni Strauss
Robert & Karen Kastl
Cole Leigh & Maria Escamilla
Susan Luciano
Sanjay & Jennifer Anand
Nathaniel & Onea Davis


Note: If you have not already given to the 2017-2018 Annual Fund, please consider your gift and go to: