Annual Fund Donor Thanks

Annual Fund Donor Thanks
Annual Fund Donor Thanks
Jenna Buesser

Heartfelt thanks to our recent donors for their generous contributions to the Red Oaks 2018-2019 Annual Fund! Their donations will make a world of difference.

Arush Naidu ('15)
The Mulhern Family
Theresa & Barry Kenner
Mary Anne & Bruce Fairey
Taylor Jaskula ('11)
Jesper Goransson & Vicki Barghout
David Yermack & Rocio Aliaga Yermack
Matthew & Vinessa DiSousa
Matthew Stephens & Tara Olivo-Moore
Sean & Judith Smith
Stacy Apostolico
Jennifer & Jonathan Knittel
Spring Corotan
Siegfried Shirodkar & Emmanuelle Fleurinor
Jo-Ann Gaul & Kevin Emerson
Rebecca Spence & Michael Mooney
Philip Webb & Ekaterina Guryanova
Geoffrey Zassenhaus & Nina Menezes
Eileen Wu & Grant Wei
Meg Sosnow & Avi Kothavale


View a complete list of our donors here. 

Contributions to the Annual Fund are intended to bridge the gap of the roughly 15% of operating expenses that are not covered by tuition. If you have not already given to the 2018-2019 Annual Fund, please consider your gift and donate now. For your convenience, donations and pledge payments can be made in a variety of ways. Learn more.