Beautiful Music from Speedwell to Cutler

Beautiful Music from Speedwell to Cutler
Beautiful Music from Speedwell to Cutler
Jenna Buesser

"We Need Love" performed by the Red Oaks Community (above).

It's been a very musical couple of weeks here at The Red Oaks School! After exploring how music can foster community spirit this fall, our 7th and 8th graders assisted music teacher Tim Waters in leading a Cutler Campus assembly on Friday, December 8th. Middle School students dispersed themselves amongst the younger students in the audience, joining and organizing them in song and spirit! One special highlight of the event was the entire group's performance of Gina Ferragame's song, "We Need Love"–watch above! (Learn more about Gina Ferragame and her visit to the Middle School here.) This interactive assembly was a special opportunity for all students, from our youngest three-year-olds and to our oldest 8th graders, and our faculty, to feel like they were a part of our big and beautiful Red Oaks family!

Meanwhile, our Early Childhood students examined songs from different points of view this fall semester, such as songs about ourselves and songs about others. Music teacher Jennifer Knittel lead our youngest students in various songs that reflect these perspectives on Wednesday, December 13th at our annual Winter Family Music Presentations. Some songs involved call and response, while others involved movement and instruments! Check out performances from our Early Childhood classrooms below!

"Good Morning" performed by Ms. Eva, Ms. Maggy, and Mrs. Haeberle's Class:

"Down By The Bay" performed by Ms. Mary Anne, Ms. Chantal, and Ms. Nimisha's Class:


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