Incredible Turnout for the Harvest Festival!

Incredible Turnout for the Harvest Festival!
Incredible Turnout for the Harvest Festival!
The Red Oaks School

Meteorologists may have gotten the forecast wrong, but dark skies and non-stop drizzle couldn't stop the excitement for this year's Harvest Festival! We had an incredible turnout on Saturday, October 6th!  Parents, students, grandparents, cousins, alumni and friends galore joined in all the fun of this great day! Many thanks go out to the Chandler family (including Grandpa Chandler) for the freshly made, delicious apple cider; to the Radcliffe family (including Grandpa Barry Kenner) for the extremely popular cotton candy production; the Levinsohn (alumni) family for bringing their really cool, vintage truck to provide a classic photo backdrop for our family pictures, and to Jenna Buesser, our incredible Red Oaks photographer for taking such beautiful photos throughout the day! Heartfelt thanks to everyone in attendance, bringing food to share, decorating pumpkins, participating in our yummy contests (see the winners below!), and having a good old fashioned fun time! A big shout out to Phillip Webb (who comes equipped with work gloves each year) for helping to put away the tables and chairs. Our clean up crew was enthusiastic and efficient! And last but not least, a huge Red Oaks thank you to our very own Director of Admission, Fran Sonneborn for her leadership, organization, creative vision, and positive energy in making the 2018 Harvest Festival an event to remember! 

Ha-Cha-Cha Chili Contest:
1st Place: The Hilder Family
2nd Place: Therese Terreri (Wren Ferguson's "Meem")
3rd Place: The Bouchacourt Family

Homemade Cake Contest:
1st Place: Tres Leches Cake by Sra. Martha Trevino
2nd Place: Spice Cake by Andrew Hickman (Grade 6)
3rd Place: Carrot Cake by John-Paul Palescandolo

Pumpkin Decorating Contest:
1st Place: "Live After Red Oaks" by alumnus Daniel Dippold (18')
2nd Place: "Spider Web Mansion" by Arianna Begliomini (Grade 5)
3rd Place: "Let it Glow" by Artemis Brounell (P3) & Jahannaz Dastgir