Media Club Gallery

Media Club Gallery
Media Club Gallery
Jenna Buesser

Check out photographs from our Middle School Media Club! Media Club instructor and Red Oaks parent Ira L. Black details this year's experience below:

This year in the Media Club, we went back to the basics. Each student was able to use a film camera. Students were given assignments to work with the cameras that were a step back for them from the digital world. They learned about aperture, shutter speeds, and slowing down to achieve what they wanted to visually. They needed to consider the lighting, refine their compositions, and take an extra moment to manually focus their shot. Students had the opportunity to use both black & white film as well as color. 

Assignments started with becoming familiar with the focusing and shutter button, as well as winding the camera after taking the shot. There was something magical about being on the Red Oaks grounds and hearing the "Click" sound of the shutter button and watching them wind the camera to advance to the next shot. Students were advised that they only had 24 exposures to express what they wanted in their image. We studied textures and the work of Vivian Maier, an acclaimed photographer who's work was uncovered shortly after her death. She had a body of self-portraits that are considered to be groundbreaking by using reflections and shadows. Students produced their own images to showcase the world around themselves and their own self in this world.  

We used The Red Oaks School areas and that of Willow Hall as the backgrounds. Students worked through the use of a triptych to tell a story and color pop as a way to emphasize a part of the image. This was done via digital capture in conjunction with the use of applications and editing to take them from the beginning of their vision to the end of the statement they want to make. The thing that seems to always impress me about working with the students at Red Oaks is that while they all bring their own unique perspectives to a project or assignment, they are also equally able to work together or help each other out.  

I am truly proud of their work and have enjoyed watching the spark of creativity flow through them as they grow as artists.  Thank you to them and Red Oaks for offering this great opportunity to me and your students. 

– Ira L. Black

Media Club members include: Alejandro Rodriguez Ananin, Daniel Dippold, Stacy Ikhelson, Aarush Jain, and Rose Luciano.