Middle School Students at Frost Valley

Middle School Students at Frost Valley
Middle School Students at Frost Valley
Jenna Buesser

Our Middle School students had a blast at Red Oaks' annual three-day stay at Frost Valley in the beautiful Catskills! Middle School Director Nely Miguel kept parents up to date throughout the trip with daily blog posts. Here are some excerpts below:

"The 5th and 6th graders learned about watersheds through games. We then built our own filtration systems with the materials we found in Biscuit Creek. Biscuit Creek feeds into the Neversink river and reservoir which provides a significant amount of New York City's water. Most of the city's water comes from the Catskills and it is so pure, that it needs no filtration (although chlorine and fluoride are added). 7th and 8th graders built catapults and helped each other through some very jittery rope bridges."

"The 7th and 8th graders brainstormed for a very long time to build their catapults in teams. Some fired backwards, which could be an issue for one's own army, but it all takes practice...... The amazing thing is how much the kids think, invent, reinvent, and enjoy the process, without adult intervention."

"The 5th and 6th graders climbed a wall that is easily 40 feet tall. It was amazing to hear them say: "I can't", and then do it. Or "I am afraid of heights" and do it anyway. They were all a little taller afterwards."

"This afternoon featured hikes to a beautiful waterfall, apple picking, making cider with an old fashioned cider press, frisbee golf, and games."

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