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MMUN Blog Says It All

MMUN Blog Says It All
MMUN Blog Says It All
Cora Meader Thomases

Middle School Director Nely Miguel weighed in from last week's Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) Middle School Conference. Her enthusiasm and breaking news updates pretty much say it all.

"As teachers and parent chaperones walk through the committee rooms, sometimes we catch our students in action. Today, Karl was seen writing a resolution with a group of kids in a special small group committee outside of the room. Mikey was part of a group that has submitted the key working paper. Ashley and Holden are participating on a draft resolution and is one of the main runners to speak on behalf of the group. Elan had taken the lead on drafting the resolution in his team. Nate and Thomas have gotten very involved in negotiations, voicing their opinions and making sure that others understand the changes. DJ, Nico, and Aaron gave their speeches very well. They dealt professionally with failing audio equipment. Sophia's speech on the Great Green Wall Initiative made it into the resolution. Lena and Saif appear to be enjoying the process and contributing to their committees. We don't always walk in when our students are in action since much of the day is spent in very strict detail and protocol and there are about 20-50 students in each room, but our students seem to be engaged and active in the process of discussing, negotiating, and arriving to consensus. Red Oaks students have also made some friends from other schools and other countries."

"Breaking news! 4 of our students have been elected by their committees to present the proposals at the UN tomorrow. There are about 75 kids in each committee. There are two topics, thus two proposals. So, 30 students in total are selected by their groups to represent the committees at the General Assembly at the UN. Having 4 ROS students out of this world! Congratulations to the whole team, led by Ms. Anna!!"

Thank you to all of the Middle School parents, teachers, and staff who chaperoned, prepped, and supported our 7th and 8th grade delegates during this unparalleled learning experience.
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