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Changing the World Starts at the MMUN Conference

Changing the World Starts at the MMUN Conference
Changing the World Starts at the MMUN Conference
Jenna Buesser


It was another successful adventure for The Red Oaks School at the Montessori Model United Nations! This year, Red Oaks represented the republics of Côte D'Ivoire, France, Greece, and India. Our 7th and 8th graders arrived in New York City last Wednesday, February 13, and would spend the next couple of days delegating the world's pressing issues, such as sustainable development goals, among their respective committees. On Saturday, February 16, our students made their way to United Nations Headquarters for the conference's Final Voting Assembly. Kudos to 7th grader Kaitlyn McNutt and 8th grader Dax Bush who were elected by their committee members to speak at podium of the General Assembly! (You can actually watch the streamed ceremony here! Dax speaks near the 5 minute mark and Kaitlyn near the 9:50 minute mark.)

Associate Head of School Nely Miguel provides this perspective: "There are 10 committees with 50 delegates. Each committee votes on three representatives to speak at the General Assembly based on their contributions during the process of writing and negotiating a proposal acceptable to all the countries on the global topics tackled by their committee. It is an honor to be voted upon (by their peers) to speak at the podium. This year, we have two students from Red Oaks in this special group." Congratulations to Kaitlyn, Dax, and all of our student delegates on their superb performances!

The MMUN conference involves a tremendous amount of preparation, logistical planning, and energy! On behalf of Nely Miguel and The Red Oaks School, we would like to express the following sentiments:

We want to acknowledge Ms. Anna Macleod, who has worked tirelessly to build our MMUN unit into the successful program it is today. And, during Ms. Anna’s maternity leave, Ms. Susan Greenspan seamlessly picked up and finished the program this year.

A big THANK YOU to our volunteer chaperones: Ms. Claire Banks-Elias, Mr. Paul Flores, Mr. Shai Kopeld, Ms. Jackie Kopeld, Ms. Liz McNutt, Ms. Gretchen Slaughter, and Ms. Michelle Todman.

This trip would not have been possible without Ms. Karen Kastl and Mr. Tim Waters, who planned, hauled, fed, cheered, set limits, entertained, and showed infinite patience and affection for our students.