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Service Learning Can Be Meaningful

Service Learning Can Be Meaningful
Service Learning Can Be Meaningful
Jenna Buesser


The Red Oaks Community Project is the culmination of our Service Learning Program and the 8th grade capstone project of the IB Middle Years Programme. Our 8th grade students pair their passions to issues close to their heart and develop a comprehensive plan for community service. On Tuesday, May 14th, our 8th grade class presented their final projects to their peers and families. Check out a summary of each project below!

Dax Bush– Dax used his passion for baseball to benefit the Market Street Mission. Partnering with the Morristown Area American Little League, his project “Homeruns for the Homeless” collected over 300 pounds of needed goods for the homeless!

Thomas Chou– Thomas enhanced our Middle School’s community garden, which originated as a Community Project last school year. He created a plan to plant a new assortment of produce and led younger students to plant, weed, and water. This garden continues to provide hundreds of pounds of fresh produce yearly for the Interfaith Food Pantry in Morristown.

Ian Elias– Ian combined his love of technology with the media needs of Historic Speedwell. After thorough research and meetings with Speedwell representatives, Ian improved Historic Speedwell’s digital presence by updating and linking their respective Wikipedia page.

Rose Luciano & Cydney Slaughter– Rose and Cydney love animals and wanted to make a difference by supporting rescue pets. They integrated their efforts with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center and the Big Dog Rescue Project. Much-needed pet supplies were collected via donation boxes at school and purchased with money raised from a bake sale.

Lena Schneider– Lena loves art and wanted to inspire others by adding beauty to the Middle School. After brainstorming and researching options, Lena created a design to be used for a future mural. The artwork depicts a globe and centers around one of Lena’s favorite quotes, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” by Gandhi.

Chloe Stuart– Chloe combined her passion for wildlife and love of illustration to create an original illustrated children’s story. The story was based on the animals often seen around our neighbors at Historic Willow Hall, and Chloe’s book was unveiled at Willow Hall’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. Copies of the book were sold with proceeds benefiting Willow Hall.

Four of our 8th grade students tapped into their interests in teaching younger children with opportunities within the Morristown community:

Stacy Ikhelson– Stacy went back to her roots at our Cutler Street Campus! She dedicated many afternoons to tutoring students and playing educational games with the Elementary students in Afterschool Childcare.

Shivani Kaura & Alona Kopeld– Shivani and Alona brought their love of musical theater and dance to the Cutler Campus. These students held an introductory musical theater workshop for Cutler’s 4th grade students over the course of several weeks. The workshop culminated in a performance for the entire Cutler school body during Friday Assembly.

Samantha Simon– Sammy spent her Monday afternoons with young children at the Morristown Neighborhood House. In the Kindergarten room, she read aloud to children, engaged them in playing games and solving puzzles, and helped younger students with their homework.

Congratulations to all of our 8th grade students for conceptualizing, researching, implementing and delivering on their inspiring Community Projects!