The Art of Change

The Art of Change
The Art of Change
Jenna Buesser

"Change" is the prominent theme of the Red Oaks art program this school year. Under the guidance of art teacher Emily Cannestro and Primary art teacher Chantal Diedrich, students tapped into their creativity this semester to create some beautiful pieces of work! Check out our gallery above and learn more about class projects below!

Primary students learned about the elements of art such as lines, shape, and form. A Line Can Be by Laura Ljungkvist was read in class and students then created a variety of lines using markers! Classes moved on to A Perfect Square by Michael Hall. Students learned to cut with scissors, create images out of paper, and color mixing!

Lower Elementary:
Lower Elementary studied plants, insects, and the concept of metamorphosis. Students witnessed live caterpillars transform into butterflies, giving them the full experience of change in nature! Students learned proper techniques for sketching, and discovered why shape, line, and color are important steps that help explain why objects  look different over the course of time that they are examined.

Upper Elementary:
Upper Elementary students have been reflecting on change that happens within themselves, and where their ancestors originated. Students experimented with fluid paint, photography, sketch, and symmetry, which they incorporated into self-portraits on canvas.

Middle School Grades 5 & 6:
5th and 6th grade students concentrated on the concept of their personal lives (themselves, family, home life) in comparison to other areas around the world. Using a transfer technique with modge podge, students created a collage on wood using photography and other various mediums.

Middle School Grades 7 & 8:
7th and 8th grade students were introduced to famous graffiti artist and political activist "Banksy". They explored the idea of being the change you wish to see in the world. Students used stencils and detailed mixed media on wood to create an illustration depicting a big change that they were passionate about.