The Return of Dr. Shenanigans

The Return of Dr. Shenanigans
The Return of Dr. Shenanigans


Acclaimed poet BJ Ward stopped by Red Oaks this March and April for his annual artist-in-residence poetry workshop! BJ worked with several grades on a specific topics to unleash the poet in everyone:

  • 5th grade students created poems entitled, "What Is Inside Me?" Each line began with, “Inside me, there is a/an/the…..

  • 6th grade students read the poem "13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" by Wallace Stevens. Each student created a poem using an assigned subject.

  • 7th grade students wrote poems that expressed gratitude.

  • 8th grade students collaborated on writing a "cento" poem, which will be read at their graduation on June 13th!

Ask your Upper Elementary student for their alter-ego name. Was it Motorcycle Mama, Sweet Potato Powered Pokemon, or Yoda Man?  BJ's alter-ego, Dr. Shenanigans, renamed each student causing great laughter among the group and the process of unleashing young poets began! Upper El students each composed three poems using simile or metaphor. These included a poem using simile dedicated to a friend or family member, a "What Is Inside Me" poem employing metaphor, and another metaphoric poem in the style of "Runaway Bunny" by Margaret Wise Brown.

Our sincere gratitude to BJ for returning to share his knowledge and love of poetry year after year with our students at Red Oaks!