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¡Viva México!

¡Viva México!
¡Viva México!
Jenna Buesser
Last week, Spanish teacher Señora Martha Trevino brought the land of Mexico to the Cutler Campus! As part of their cultural studies of Latin America in Spanish class, students learned about the geographical location, country capital, and important landmarks.
During a special presentation in the Enrichment Room, Lower and Upper Elementary students explored three main areas:
  • The people of Mexico and the traditional dress of different parts of the country, such as the prominence of embroidery, big earrings, and the “Mariachi” outfit .
  • Traditional handicrafts of Mexico, which include paper flower decorations, celebratory Piñatas, and common wooden toys.
  • Tortillas! Senora Martha discussed and demonstrated how tortillas are traditionally made in Mexico. Maiz (corn) is ground into corn flour and water is added to create masa (dough). The dough is pressed in a metal tortillera (tortilla maker) and then cooked to produce a tortilla.
At lunch time, Elementary students were treated to homemade quesadillas, green and red salsa, and Mexican hot chocolate, courtesy of Señora Martha!
In Primary classrooms, students also learned about how tortillas are made. In addition, Kindergarteners had the opportunity to wear traditional outfits and dance to the famous "Jarabe Tapatio" (Mexican Hat dance)!
Muchas gracias to Señora Martha for bringing the culture of Mexico to our students!