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What's Happening at Cutler

What's Happening at Cutler
What's Happening at Cutler
Cora Meader Thomases

- Primary students in Ms. Mary Anne, Mrs. Haeberle, and Ms. Chantal's class have been learning about vertebrates. Recently their focus has been the life cycles of birds, a class of vertebrates. They recently raised chicks who, Ms. Chantal says, "Flew the coop – literally." They are now raising ducklings. And have used both experiences as inspiration for their choices of literature (e.g. The Little Chick and Make Way for Ducklings) and art projects – combining science, literature, and art.

- Lower Elementary students in Ms. Eva and Ms. Sue's class are diving into Native American studies, learning about various North American tribes. Their investigative tools include cultural materials, literature, and thinking maps, specifically tree maps used to compare-and-contrast the attributes of each tribe. Next up will be an intensive study of the Leni Lenape or Delaware people who lived in our area until the mid-1800s, when the last of the tribe was moved by the government to Indian Territory in what is present-day Oklahoma.

-Upper Elementary students are in the thick of their unit on journalism. Having spent a great deal of time reading news articles, examining journalist style, and trying their hands at writing brief articles, students selected topics as far reaching as refugees, basketball, a Red Oaks alumni profile, and "To Whisper of Not to Whisper," an article on the need to communicate during quiet time. Students used research and interview skills to gather resource material for their pieces and are currently typing up their note cards in preparation for creating first drafts.
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