You Couldn't Have Asked For a Nicer Day!

You Couldn't Have Asked For a Nicer Day!
You Couldn't Have Asked For a Nicer Day!


This past Saturday's 23rd Annual Harvest Festival was, in a word, perfect! By far the largest turnout in years and the most beautiful fall day, add in a fantastic array of potluck dishes, a seemingly endless supply of delicious freshly pressed apple cider, good ol' live country music, a pumpkin-painting patch for the little ones, yard games for the big ones, gastronomic contests, and a picturesque photo *booth*-- and voila! A wonderful afternoon at The Red Oaks School with nearly every Red Oaks family in attendance, 25 alumni students and parents, Board of Trustee members, a number of old friends from the Cutler neighborhood, and, of course, faculty and admin families. A very special shout out to the Chandler family for their very generous donation of time, apples, and nearly $400 in cider sales donated directly to The Red Oaks School.

This year's chili contest winners were: Three phenomenal beef chilis were most popular this year. Philip Webb (1st place), Melanie Fleeman (2nd place), and Michael Boyle (3rd place). Honorable Mention went to Jesse Flowers for the only Vegetarian Chili submission. Each batch of chili was tastier than the next!

This year's pie contest winners were: The McNutt family's Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie (1st place), Maple Custard Pie by an Magda Urbankova (2nd place), and Fransciska de Kruiff's Pear Pie (3rd place). Honorable Mention went to the Zassenhaus family for their Traditional Apple Pie entry. The pie table was clearly a popular destination!

We had two wonderful 1st place winners for the pumpkin decorating contest: Early Childhood students Jack Flowers and Artemis Brounell. Both were incredibly creative  and fun!

A big thank you to our middle school student helpers putting in their Community Service Hours at the Pumpkin Painting Patch and the Tattoo Table: Annabelle Elie, Sadie Trynin, Sophia Kahn, Antonia Galdi, Ava Finkel, Anabella Mendieta-Frost, Chris Yermack, Arianna Begliomini, Katherine Chandler, Christian Pyles, and Cate Clarke.

And, finally, set-up, table management, and break-down was quick, efficient and highly organized! Thank you to all parent helpers who pitched in to make the Harvest Festival a successful event from start to finish!

P.S. Family portrait photos will be emailed next week!