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Young Montessori school student


At Red Oaks, we use the word “community” to refer to our extended society comprised of the parents, grandparents and other family members, students, teachers, staff, alumni and friends of our school. We are a diverse group that shares very important core values: the importance of education that honors and nurtures the full potential of the individual learner, and the significance of social responsibility to personal and communal wellbeing and vigor. At the core of this community is our Parents’ Association.

The Red Oaks Parents' Association

The mission of The Red Oaks School Parents’ Association (ROSPA) is to support the school and its children through fundraising, community-building activities, and parent education. The ROSPA strives to serve as a connection between home and school, galvanizing the school community, and strengthening relationships amongst all its members. As a group and as individuals, the ROSPA translates the values of the school and models them for our students, our families, and for our school and broader communities, serving as champions of the school at every opportunity.

The Parents’ Association belongs to you. We value and need your talents, input, and enthusiasm. Please take time to become an active member of the ROSPA and please volunteer! When you do, you model social responsibility for our children, give back in a deeply meaningful way that benefits us all, and, invariably, you make new friends. Learn more on the Parents' Association page.
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