Blackbaud ID for Parents

New Login Process for Blackbaud App (myschoolapp)

How to Set Up Your Blackbaud ID with Red Oaks:

  1. Open the email from The Red Oaks School inviting you to Connect to The Red Oaks School. (The email will be sent via Blackbaud from Double check your spam/junk folder!)
  2. Accept the Invitation.
  3. You will be redirected to a Sign-Up page (with the Red Oaks logo on the upper left corner). You have two options:
    • OPTION 1: Enter the email address you use with Red Oaks. Do not use a different email than what the school has on file. Choose a password, and fill out your first and last name. Select "Sign up".
    • OPTION 2–GMAIL USERS: If your email on file is a Gmail address, you can sign in with Google. Select the "Sign up with Google" button at the bottom of the screen. (If you select this option, you will sign in using credentials managed in Google and Step 4 is not required.)
  4. If you selected Option 1, you will receive an email with the subject "Confirm your Blackbaud ID" within a few minutes of signing up. Click the Confirm button in this email to confirm your account creation within 24 hours.
Screenshot of BBID Sign Up

How to Sign In with Blackbaud ID in the Future:

  1. Navigate to the Red Oaks Blackbaud app at
  2. Enter your BBID (your connected email address). Select NEXT.
  3. On the login screen, either Sign in with Google, or enter your connected email address and password.
Screenshot of Blackbaud App Login Window

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