Enrollment Contract Instructions

How To Log Into Blackbaud and Access Enrollment Contracts

Important Reminders

  • Two signatures are required for each enrollment contract*. Each parent/guardian will have to sign in separately (with separate usernames) to view and sign the contract. (*In certain circumstances, one signature will be accepted.)
  • Contracts will not be processed and considered complete until the tuition deposit has been paid in full.
  • All families are required to enroll in Smart Tuition for each school year.
    • Families will be billed a $50 enrollment fee each school year, which will be added to the deposit fee with the student contract.
    • Families new to Red Oaks will be prompted to create a Smart Tuition account within the enrollment contract itself.
  • Upon submission of the contract, please make sure to download and submit the required supplemental documents. These documents are available on the confirmation page of the contract.

PART 1: Log into The Red Oaks School's Blackbaud website.

  1. Navigate to our school's Blackbaud website: https://redoaksschool.myschoolapp.com.
  2. Enter your username* and press Next. (Hint: most usernames are your first initial and last name, i.e. John Smith's username is jsmith.)
  3. Enter your Blackbaud password and press Login.

*Forgot your login credentials? Or first time logging?

  1. On the bottom right of the sign in window, click on Forgot login or First time logging in?
  2. On the Login Help window, enter your email address in the Email Address field. Place a checkmark next to Username and Password. Then, press Send.
  3. You should receive two separate emails from redoaksschool@myschoolapp.com. (If you have not received the emails, please double check your junk/spam folder.)
  4. Username Request: This email will provide you with your username, which you will use to login to Blackbaud. 
  5. Request URL: This email will provide you with a link to create your password. Click on the link provided. On the Login Help window, follow the prompts to create your password, and press Set Password. You should now be logged into The Red Oaks School Blackbaud website!

PART 2: View and complete enrollment contracts via Blackbaud.

  1. Log into The Red Oaks School Blackbaud website (https://redoaksschool.myschoolapp.com) with your username and password (see part 1 above).
  2. Toward the top of the window, you will see a light yellow bar. Click on the link that says You have: X Contract(s) to Accept.
  3. On the Files & Forms page, click on the green Review button next to the contract you want to view.
  4. Read the eSignature Agreement and press the red Accept button.
  5. Follow the prompts to view and complete the contract. Please make sure to read every page in its entirety and complete all required fields. Please note that new families will be prompted to create a Smart Tuition account within the enrollment contract.

PART 3: Complete Supplementary Documents

Once you have completed your contract(s), please fill out the following forms as soon as possible. Completed forms should be sent via email to Patty Giordano at pgiordano@redoaksschool.org.

Questions & Troubleshooting

Please contact Susan Miller (smiller@redoaksschool.org) for questions directly related to enrollment contracts such as Smart Tuition enrollment, payment plans, tuition amount, etc.

For assistance with logging into Blackbaud and accessing contracts, please contact Jenna Buesser at jbuesser@redoaksschool.org.