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2017 Spring Plant Sale

The Red Oaks School Spring Plant Sale

It’s time to celebrate the pending arrival of spring with an exciting opportunity to purchase potted plants and exquisitely curated container gardens, exclusive to Red Oaks. Plants are hand selected for durability and design by Red Oaks parent and Master Gardener Laura Rehm. Laura is a lifetime gardener with 10 years of experience designing gardens and containers for clients. She specializes in colorful, botanic, informal designs that are drought and deer resistant. The value of these offerings, be they plants or gardens, is in their superior quality, vigor, and beauty.

Buy these beautiful plants and unique mini gardens for your entryway, patio, deck, or landscape, or give them as gifts! Then watch as their superbly conceived magic unfolds throughout the spring, summer, and autumn.


How to Order

Review the packet or galleries below to familiarize yourself with the offerings. Then, complete this order form, and return with your oldest child, along with a check payable to "The Red Oaks School". Proceeds will benefit our school.

Order forms are due after Spring Break to Patty Giordano at Cutler or Karen Kastl at Speedwell.

Orders for both Cutler and Speedwell will be delivered to the school and available for pickup at the Spring Arts+Auction on Friday, May 19th.


Photo Examples

Container Plants

Custom Designs


16 inch containersCoconestFern Banded Deco containers

16" inch containers, Coconut Nest (Coconest), and Fern Banded Deco containers.



Plant Sale FAQs

Here is a list of Spring Plant Sale FAQs. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Laura Rehm at Thanks for your interest in our sale!

How big are the 8", 10 ½ “, 11", 14”, and 16" containers?

Round or square containers are measured at their top diameter across. FYI, a 16" container will be able to hold 7 to 8 plants, depending on their size.

What do the coconut nest (i.e. coconest), and available containers look like?

See pictures on Facebook or this webpage for the containers as soon as they are available at the nursery.

What are the plants available in hanging baskets and small containers?

All of the plants offered are excellent container performers and typically flower or grow until frost. Coleus is a part sun to shade plant that comes in many shapes and colors. It is primarily grown for its foliage. For this reason, any flower spikes that grow should be removed so that the plant can focus on leaf production. Calibrachoa, also known as "million bells", is a full sun plant grown for its prolific flower production. It comes in many colors, and can either be rounded or cascading in shape. Bosa Nova is a begonia that does well in both sun and part-sun conditions. It comes in white, red and pink, and can flower for 5 months. It is also drought resistant. Bacopa and Supertunias are both small-flowered but prolific cascading varieties which have excellent container and hanging basket performance. They are available in multiple colors and container sizes.

See the container plants gallery on this webpage for photos.

What do the terms "Sun", "Part Sun", and "Shade" mean?

They describe the growing conditions for the plant. Full Sun means at least 6 full hours of direct sunlight. Part Sun means from 3 to 6 hours of direct sunlight, preferable in the morning and early afternoon. Most plants with this label should be protected from late afternoon sun. Shade means 3 hours or less of direct sun or dappled sun, again preferably in the morning. Shade must not be too dense or most plants will not thrive. All plants must receive some sun to do their best.

What are "Proven Winners"?

Proven Winners is a highly reputable brand of garden plants that gives the best value for the money. The plants chosen for the sale will be annual (one season) plants that have shown superior performance in containers and gardens in trial testing by customers. They are prolific bloomers that will flower for the entire season, are colorful and robust, and free of common pests and diseases.

What are "hot" and "cool" colors?

"Hot" colors are generally very vibrant and can be used as focal points in the garden or in doorway containers. They include hot pinks, electric blues or purples, bold yellows, oranges and burgundies. They are often used in pairs as "color opposites", e.g., red with green, orange with blue. "Cool" colors are typically pastel shades mixed with grey, and are more muted. They are generally used to blend into and complement an existing garden design. They are best used with part sun or shade containers where the colors will stand out better.

What would the custom $80 containers by Laura Rehm look like?

You will find some samples of Laura's work for sun, part-sun and shade containers on this webpage. The containers shown are meant to be representative only. The actual plants used in the custom arrangements will depend on what is available at the nursery in May, and will be in 4-inch pots. Please note that the plants pictured have been growing for a month and are in slightly larger containers. The size of the pots available for the custom containers will be either round containers 16" in diameter or window boxes 30" in length.

What are "indestructible" and "deer resistant" containers?

Indestructible containers are those that are very drought resistant and require little maintenance. They will be made up primarily of succulents, a group of plants that have tough, thick leaves like cactuses but which do not contain thorns or spikes. The actual plants used will depend on what is available at the nursery. They come in numerous interesting shapes, sizes and colors, and can be mounding or cascading. Deer resistant containers will include plants that are not appealing to deer and are their third choice for food. Please be aware that a very hungry deer will eat almost anything. If you live in an area prone to deer damage, it is recommended that you supplement the planting by spraying it with deer repellent.

I'm in! Where should I drop off my forms?

Forms can be dropped off in either school office with Patty Giordano or Karen Kastl.

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