The Red Oaks School believes in the importance of thinking critically about the benefits and limitations of technology with regards to any given task, and with regards to society in general. Therefore, we provide advanced and appropriate technology, while deliberately analyzing the pros/cons of each app and the risks/rewards of our students’ highly technological social environment.

Students Working Together on Laptop

Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks

The Red Oaks School is a Google Apps for Education school. Google Apps is a core suite of communication and collaboration applications that allow students to work from any device on documents and projects. Starting in 3rd grade, all students have access to Chromebooks in a one-to-one tech environment using the latest apps and devices. Students create, collaborate, share, and deliver material via Google Drive as well as using traditional pens and pencils.

Digital Citizenship

As students progress to the middle school, the use of technology is accompanied by exploring what it is to be a digital citizen. This curriculum is designed to help students build awareness of what it means to be a responsible digital citizen, thoughtfully analyze various media for reliability, understand how best to approach research projects, and how to avoid plagiarism. We also work with students to help them manage their unprecedented access to powerful and immediate social media, and to understand their digital footprint.