After School Enrichment Programs

Middle School students building a robot


2018–2019 After School Schedule


Primary workshops cost $295 each and run from 3:00 to 3:45 PM.

Brightest Star Primary Performing Arts

Fall Session, Tuesdays (Oct 2–Dec 4, 2018)

Children will explore singing (pitch matching, tone improvement, breathing), dancing, and gross motor skills. They will build early performance skills through storytelling, acting out children's tales, playing instruments, and character development in plays. Start young and shine!

Dinosaur Discovery

Fall Session, Mondays (Oct 1–Dec 10, 2018)

Take an adventure back to the Jurassic Era where we will learn about dinosaurs who roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Uncover fascinating facts, build a dinosaur replica and have an archeological dig as you explore your paleontological skills. In Dinosaur Discovery, you will become a paleontologist faster than ornithomimids running from a T-Rex!

Eyes of the Wild

Spring Session, Thursdays (Feb 7–April 25, 2019)

Students get to meet live animals of all kinds from across the globe, right in a Red Oaks classroom! They will learn about their habits and habitats. Each class focuses on the behavior and adaptation of one or more intriguing animals.


Fall Session, Wednesdays (Oct 3–Dec 12, 2018)
Spring Session, Wednesdays (Feb 6–April 17, 2019)

This age-specific program taught by the NJ Martial Arts Academy, will focus on gross motor skills, balance, coordination, listening, following directions, discipline, and self-discipline.

Mad Science

Spring Session, Tuesdays (Feb 5–April 23, 2018)

The focus for this session of Mad Science includes The Science of Toys, Let’s Measure, Hello Color, Keep in Touch, Magnetic Attraction, The Science of Music, Healthy Choices, Slippery Science and Listen Closely. Hands-on activities help children build knowledge and have fun at the same time!

Makerspace with Ms. Mary Anne (4 years & older)

Fall Session, Thursdays (Oct 4, 2018–Jan 10, 2019)
Spring Session, Thursdays (Feb 7–April 25, 2019)

Students will unleash their creativity as they work with their hands in the Makerspace. They learn how to use real tools and materials to stretch their imagination while planning, designing, and executing age-appropriate projects. Students must be 4 years or older to register for this workshop.

The Joy of Music

Spring Session, Mondays (Feb 4–April 22, 2019)

This music and movement filled class celebrates the unique joys of your growing child. Your child will love singing, dancing, and playing instruments with their friends while practicing a wide variety of abilities such as gross and fine motor skills, turn taking, social skills, and active listening.  Each unit uses fun songs, rhymes, stories, vocal play, instrument play, and focused listening activities to explore a different theme.


Fall Session, Thursdays (Oct 11, 2018–Jan 10, 2019)

April Molinare will instruct students who are interested in concentrating on floor exercises. This beginner tumbling class will introduce the basic fundamentals of floor exercise and is geared towards children with little to no previous experience. Skills to be covered in class include, handstands/handstand forward rolls, cartwheels/round-offs, bridge and backbend kick overs, back and front walkovers, and beginning technique for back handsprings.

Wee Little Arts

Spring Session, Tuesdays (Feb 5–April 23)

Young artists use a step by step creative process for developing drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media art pieces. The curriculum is enhanced with art history and age-appropriate children’s literature.


Elementary workshops cost $325 each and run from 4:00 to 5:00 PM.

3D Printing

Spring Session, Mondays (Feb 4–April 22, 2019)

This fun, engaging, hands-on class will bring the project of children's imagination into reality. As "creators" they will learn how to use a basic online 3-D design and modeling tool, thereby exposing them to "CAD" (Computer-Aided Design) software to kids. By converting their on-screen 2-D projects into 3-D designs, their spatial reasoning skills will improve as they gain confidence in seeing their creation come to "life"

Art Lab

Spring Session, Tuesdays (Feb 5–April 23, 2019)

Art Lab is a visual arts program fostering students' creativity. They will be introduced to the art of the masters and their techniques in a process-oriented manner that taps into the imagination, allowing students the freedom of creative expression as they apply these techniques to create their own artwork.

Art with Ms. Emily

Fall Session, Thursdays (Oct 4, 2018–Jan 10, 2019)

Ms. Emily's after school art program is a wonderful way for your creative child to grow as an artist. Students will learn to expand upon their current artistic abilities and feel open to seek new avenues of creative expression. Some of the techniques our young artists will explore include painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media.

Aviation: Rockets & Parachutes

Fall Session, Wednesdays (Oct 3–Dec 12, 2018)

Students will have a fun-filled introduction to aviation, control surfaces, angles, forces, and the metric system. Every student will build their own parachute and model rocket, and learn about the physics that might flight possible. They will expand knowledge and skills working with materials and tools, while discovering real-world applications that connect school studies with these fun projects!

Brightest Star Musical Theatre

Fall Session, Tuesdays (Oct 2–Dec 4, 2018)

This musical theatre workshop will introduce students to the fun of musical theatre and the art of storytelling through singing, dancing, and acting. This workshop will conclude with a demonstration for family and friends. Brightest Star works with our Middle School students each year to produce a musical at The Bickford Theatre.


Fall Session, Thursdays (Oct 4, 2018–Jan 10, 2019)

Students will be introduced to programing with Scratch and Scratch Junior, developed by MIT Media Lab. Kids can create and share interactive stories, animation or simple video games using drag-and-drop programming. They will learn basic programming concepts such as conditional statements, iteration, variables, and event triggers. Teaching students to code helps them become more logical problem solvers and empowers them as active, authoritative users of technology.

Eyes of the Wild

Spring Session, Thursdays (Feb 7–April 25, 2019)

In our very own classrooms, students get to see and feel live animals from different parts of the world. They learn about their evolution, adaption, behavior, food habits and habitats. Each class focuses on understanding and experiencing two or three animals in detail.


Fall Session, Wednesdays (Oct 3–Dec 12, 2018)
Spring Session, Wednesdays (Feb 6–April 17, 2019)

This workshop taught by the NJ Martial Arts Academy, will feature high-energy, fun, and creative classes! Students will learn to blend the best of traditional martial arts training with specific fitness requirements.

Lego Robotics

Spring Session, Wednesdays (Feb 6–April 17, 2019)

Students will learn to design, program, and control fully functional robotic models. They will use software to plan, test, and modify sequences of instructions for a variety of life-like robotic behaviors. They will also learn to collect and analyze data from the robot's sensors. This program will provide a series of real-life activities, covering topics within STEM, using LEGO Robotics.

Mad Science: Spy Academy

Spring Session, Tuesdays (Feb 5–April 23, 2019)

Mad Science workshops are spectacular demonstrations focused on science! Students get hands-on experiences that makes learning fun and inspire interest in STEM subjects. Learn what it takes to graduate Mad Science Spy Academy! Be a Detective and solve a Whodunit. Spy on your classmates and transmit Top-Secret Intelligence. Take forensic evidence back to the lab, conduct scientific analysis, and more!

Makerspace Motors

Spring Session, Thursdays (Feb 7–April 25, 2019)

Elementary students will get an opportunity to tinker, design and create. They will be involved in planned projects and individual exploration of tools and materials that are both familiar and new. This extension of the school day Makerspace experience will allow for collaborative projects as well as "free-builds" during which students apply materials to their own original designs/projects.

Photography: Every Picture Tells a Story

Fall Session, Mondays (Oct 1–Dec 3, 2018)

Red Oaks parent and professional photographer, Ira L. Black, will guide students in understanding the basic skill building of picture taking and using their creative vision to create their own "story". The curriculum will explore  the  basics of camera usage, composition, elements of great photography, and the importance of photography in storytelling. This program will reinforce the elements of photography and by review /critique in a constructive environment, will further the understanding of what works and what needs improvement for for future shooting. Students will select a personal narrative, or story from Language Arts and work through photos that tell their story.


Fall Session, Mondays (Oct 1–Dec 3, 2018)
Spring Session, Mondays (Feb 4–April 22, 2019)

Coach Mark, an experienced soccer player for over twenty years, has played at the semi-pro level in England and is currently the founder and captain of the Men's Garden State Soccer team. Students in this workshop will break skills down and start with the basics in order to perfect the more complex soccer skills. Sessions will consist of many touches of the ball to create a natural ability as well as an understanding of how the sport is played. This workshop improves skill level but is also enjoyable and entertaining! 


Fall Session, Tuesdays (Oct 2–Dec 4, 2018)

Dave Paterson, a trained woodworker and middle school teacher, will introduce the art of woodworking to students. Students will design and construct a project of their choosing by learning basic hand tool skills, safety, design and construction techniques, STEM, and problem-solving skills.

Middle School

Unless otherwise noted, there are no fees for Middle School programs other than a one-time $50 snack fee per child, per year. 


Tuesday practices, 4:00–5:00 PM

Friday games, 6:30 or 7:30 PM
Materials Fee: $125

Join the Squirrels! Part of the co-ed YMCA youth league, students practice on Tuesday afternoons under the guidance of Coach Gary Henningsen. Starting in January, the team will play in competitive games on Friday nights at 6:30 or 7:30 P.M. All skill levels welcome on this co-ed team. Practices are held at the Y-Zone; parents must arrange transportation to the Y from Speedwell. Car pools welcome! 

Brightest Star Musical Theatre

Mondays & Wednesdays, 3:45–6:00 PM
Daily rehearsals held week of 3/4/19
Public performance on Fri, 3/8/19 at 7:00 PM

As participants of previous productions can attest, our musical theatre productions through The Brightest Star School of Performing Arts offers students the opportunity to flourish with classes in singing, acting, and dancing.  The program culminates in a performance at the Morris Museum’s Bickford Theatre. The course is designed to challenge each student at an appropriate level. No previous experience necessary! 

Chorus/American Young Voices

Wednesdays, 3:45–5:00 PM
Performances on Fri, 6/7/19 & Thurs, 6/13/19

Join Mr. Tim Waters in this vocal performance ensemble to learn new, diverse choral repertoire while further developing vocal technique. Students will perform at the American Young Voices concert (Friday, June 7, 2019) and End-of-Year Celebration (Thursday, June 13, 2019). Sign-up information for American Young Voices will be announced later in the school year.

Competitive Robotics

9/5/18–11/17/18 (Qualifying tournament on Sat, 11/17/18)
Mondays & Wednesdays, 3:45–5:30 PM
Materials Fee: $150

First Lego League Competition (FLL) immerses students in real world science and technology challenges.  The Red Oaks team will design their own solution to a current scientific question or problem and build autonomous LEGO robots that perform a series of missions.  Qualifying competition will be held on Saturday, November 17, 2018.

Math Club

Thursdays, 3:45–4:45 PM

Math Club with Ms. Stacy Apostolico gives students an opportunity to engage in unique math activities in a relaxed social setting. This will help build confidence in students of all abilities and interest levels. Math Club is a non-competitive program open to all grade levels.

Media Club

Thursdays, 3:45–4:45 PM

Our popular media club is run by Red Oaks parent and professional photographer Ira L. Black. The Media Club affords students the opportunity to use photography as a visual art.  Students learn skills behind the lens, engage in the process of editing and storytelling, and create a signature style. 

Running Club

Tuesdays, 3:45–4:45 PM

Increase endurance! Experience longer runs on Patriot’s Path, shorter sprints, endurance games, and short sprints at the Speedwell campus with Coach Gary Henningsen.


Thursday practices, 4:00–5:00 PM
Tuesday/Thursday games TBD

Lead by Coach Gary Henningsen, our co-ed team offers a fun, positive, and healthy experience for soccer players at all levels. Practices are held on Thursdays, and games will be scheduled with other schools on Tuesdays. Parents supply transportation to the practice field and to after school games. Car pools welcome!