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Step Into Summer Program

Mondays-Fridays, June 12–23, 2017

8:45 AM–3:15 PM at The Red Oaks School

From June 12 to June 23, we are offering full day summer programs for Early Childhood and Elementary students. Both Early Childhood and Elementary programs will run from 8:45 AM to 3:15 PM, with childcare available until 5:00 PM ($12/hr). Our Early Childhood program will offer Montessori Summer Learning and reinforcing classroom activities. Our Elementary program will offer technology and art workshop sessions that inspire creativity and skill-based learning.

Early Childhood Montessori Program (ages 3–6)

Tuition: 2 weeks–$1000, 1 week–$550

Primary students learn in a relaxed yet focused environment. The program targets the development of pivotal skills, including:

  • Pre- Reading and early reading skills, language, and math readiness and skill building
  • Practical life and sensorial activities for younger children to build motor skills, concentration, and focus
  • Social skills, self-direction, independence, and confidence
  • Art and nature activities
Black Rocket Productions

Elementary Technology and Art Program (Grades 1–4)

Tuition: 2 weeks–$1275, 1 week–$675

This new summer program will feature technology workshops with Black Rocket and an art workshop with Emily Cannestro!

Technology Workshop with Black Rocket (8:45 AM–2:00 PM)

Black Rocket

Instructor: Henry Surgent from Black Rocket
Week 1: "Virtual Reality: The Future is Now"
Embark on an EPIC adventure in virtual reality! In this cutting edge class, you will learn the foundations of VR design by creating your own virtual worlds, exploring simulated environments, and crafting memorable 3D experiences. At the end of the week, take home your first cardboard VR headset to show friends and family the new worlds you created. VR projects can be viewed on a website or a mobile device. Students do not need a mobile device to take the class, but to use the VR headset at home a camper will need access to an Android or Apple mobile device. Students will work in pairs or teams and VR Games will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family.

Week 2: "Minecraft© Animators"

Bring your favorite Minecraft characters to life in an animated short film! Learn how studios like Pixar and Disney make movies like Inside Out and Frozen by using techniques like keyframing, tweening, texturing, and animating rigged 3D models! Student projects will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. You do not need to own a Minecraft account to use the software in this class. Students will work in pairs or teams for most of the program.

Printmaking Workshop (2:00–3:15 PM)

Instructor: Emily Cannestro

In this workshop students will learn the printmaking technique called "Collagraph". They will create dynamic prints with natural and manmade objects.

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