Better Together: Fund A Need

Your contribution will bring special programming and supplies to our students. Donate the entire item amount, or contribute a comfortable gift towards the goal!

Sponsorship Opportunities:
  • Middle School Sports Uniforms, $50 each, need 40 sets
  • Bring BJ Ward Back into the Building! Poet in Residence
    • Upper Elementary Residency, $2500
    • Middle School Residency, $2500
  • NEW for 2024! Elementary Theatre Improvisation Residency
    • Classes meet twice a week for 8 weeks, Grades 1–4, $5000
  • Chromebooks, $300 each, need 20
  • Be a Hero!
    • Ice Cream Truck on Elementary/Middle School Field Day, $1000
    • Ice Cream Truck for Primary Field Day, $400


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