Red Oaks Strong–Days of Giving & Gratitude May 5-8, 2020


The Red Oaks School Days of Giving and Gratitude

Days of giving that brings our community together and makes us RED OAKS STRONG!

For all of us, the past 7 weeks have been both challenging and rewarding. We are so fortunate that our community of students, faculty, and families are strong. With only one day of school disruption for our students, we are pleased at the way we are all working together. Our faculty is teaching, our students are thriving, and our community is very much engaged. With the Red Oaks Reaches Out program, parent meet ups, our virtual library, enrichment activities, and steady Head of School communications, our community stays connected and strong.

Rest assured Red Oaks will continue its mission and our students will continue to experience academic achievement in a highly personal, inclusive environment where students know they all matter and their voices are heard. WE are Red Oaks Strong!

Please JOIN US in The Red Oaks Strong Days of Giving & Gratitude Fundraiser.

The Red Oaks School is a non-profit organization that utilizes fundraising in the fall and the spring to supplement tuition to meet our operating expenses. Due to the current health crisis, we had to cancel our spring fundraiser. “Red Oaks Strong: Days of Giving and Gratitude” will replace these fundraising efforts. Our circumstances have changed but the important fundraising goals remain.

What do the funds support ?

  • New laptops and technology for all teachers.
  • Curriculum that quickly shifts from classroom to remote learning.
  • Materials for our youngest students to take home so that they can continue to learn new concepts in a “hands on” way.
  • Professional development for teachers for easy transition from remote to in-person learning.


The Red Oaks School Board of Trustees has pledged $40,000 to kick off the Days of Giving and Gratitude! Join them in support of the school and its teachers. 

We are hoping for 100% community participation!

We need your help to make it happen!

Your gift is greatly appreciated and remember, no gift is too small (or too big!). Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of our students. Together, with your help, we are Red Oaks Strong!

Can You Help Us?

  • Make a gift and challenge others to do the same!
  • Spread the word!
  • Share on social media why you support Red Oaks with the hashtag #redoaksstrong and follow the fun by commenting, tagging friends, and sharing posts on social media.

A Message from Marilyn Stewart.